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10 months ago

2 Player Podcast Episode 15 - Say Goodbye to the House

Kaz Hirai is taking this harder than expected.

This week we discuss what if cups had heads, and if Star Fox had a sequel that was cancelled and eventually released decades later, It'd probably be terrible. We then underestimate EA's power in the Battlefront 2 Beta.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has left the big blue house and being replaced by "John". PSVR got an update removing all mention of Andy because Kaz Hirai is taking this harder than expected. To add to Kaz's tears, Nioh decided the PC looked pretty chill as Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition got announced which included the frozen wilds where you can't build a snowman.

We also discuss trailers showing too much, which they are.

Music credit: Furious Freak Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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